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chelseaChelsea Cua is a public relations major at Texas State University. She talks about how she used online resources like YouTube and About to self-teach herself graphic design. She felt she she needed to learn graphic design tools to help enhance her skillset for job opportunities.

“Learning things like Photoshop and InDesign will broaden the type of jobs I’m qualified for and can apply for,” Cua said.




barbara Barbara Norrod attends Liberty University Online with a double major in Business and Religion Studies. She chose to take online classes rather than the traditional classroom so that she could maintain working her job. Going to online college with a full course load, she turns to online platforms like forums and YouTube to help her better grasp the concepts in some of her courses.

“Online classes are great because I get to be very hands on with my education. I get to structure the way I want to learn,” Norrod said.